Veteran-Directed Home & Community-Based Services Program

In partnership with the Veteran’s Administration Hospital, the Alliance for Aging, Inc. helps serve Veterans through the Veteran-Directed Home and Community-Based Services Program (VD-HCBS). Unlike similar programs, the VD-HCBS program allows qualifying veterans the opportunity to recruit and hire their caregivers. Ultimately, this program allows Veterans with service-connected disabilities to live more independently in their communities, avoiding costly nursing home placement. The Alliance for Aging, Inc., continuously strives to find opportunities to allow elders to age in place.

How it Works

Under this program, each qualifying Veteran is assessed to determine the level of custodial care he/she needs to maintain his/her activities of daily life. Based on the score of this assessment, a monthly budget is assigned. This budget is a fraction of what it would cost to provide services in a nursing home and costs less than traditional elder assistance programs. Once assigned a budget, the Veteran is ready to direct his/her own care!

Each Veteran has the freedom to manage his/her own care plan by:

  • Choosing the services they need ( i.e., help with bathing, eating, meal preparation, chores and even escort services to medical appointments)
  • Recruiting and hiring caregivers (including family and friends)

Who Will Help

The Alliance contracts the County Division of Elderly and Veteran Services to pair each Veteran with a consultant who assists the Veteran in all aspects of managing his caregivers including but not limiting to, adherence of the budget. Collaboration with the Veteran’s family is highly encouraged to ensure the program’s success.

The Alliance maintains payroll, with the assistance of a Fiscal Employer Agent, for each of the Veteran’s caregivers, making becoming an employer easy and stress-free for each veteran! Each Veteran can count on the Alliance for Aging to accompany them every step of the way. Through periodic visits and regular phone calls, we work hard to ensure that the services rendered meet the highest quality of standards.

The Veteran Directed program provides our Veterans with the control and flexibility needed to live more independently, enhancing their quality of life. The Alliance for Aging is proud to serve those who have served our country!

Questions about the VD-HCBS? Contact the Contract Manager for VA Programs at the Alliance for Aging, Inc., Ibamnha De La Cruz at 305-671-6327.