Miami-Dade Urges Flood-Affected Residents and Businesses to Fill out Damage Assessment Survey

MIAMI-DADE ( June 19, 2024 )– Today, Miami-Dade County’s Department of Emergency Management (DEM) activated a damage assessment survey tool, in response to recent flooding events in areas of Miami-Dade County. This survey tool will help businesses and individuals document the extent and type of damage sustained during last week’s flood event. Information gathered via this damage survey will potentially help connect those affected by flooding with additional services or resources.

Please note that data collected through this survey process is intended to be used for allocation of resources and mitigation purposes only. Reporting damage to your property or business through this survey is not a way to file insurance claims. For insurance claims, please be sure to contact your insurance provider.

Survey responses will allow the state to expedite flooding recovery efforts by gathering data and assessing the needs of affected businesses and residents in our County. Even though participation in this survey process is voluntary, we encourage all those affected to participate as this information is vital for local, state, and federal partners to assess the overall impact this rain event had on our area and to strategize further and coordinate resource allocation for this and future events.

To report your flood damage, please follow these steps:

  • Visit or download the Ready Miami-Dade App on iPhone or Android
  • Click on the “Report Damage” button.
  • Fill out the form with as much detail as possible about the damage to your property.
  • Submit the form.
  • If you are unable to access the site, please call 3-1-1 for assistance.

Your information will help us understand the extent of the damage and expedite recovery efforts.