Where to Find Legal Help

Sometimes seniors face problems that they cannot resolve themselves. At these times, they often need legal assistance from a trained attorney. Not all seniors can afford their own attorney or even know where to turn to find one. A number of legal resources are available in Florida to help seniors with legal issues. These resources are listed below.

Senior Legal Helpline (1-888-895-7873)

The Senior Legal Helpline provides free legal advice and brief services by telephone to eligible Florida residents age 60 and older, for civil (not criminal) legal problems. The Senior Legal Helpline – 1-888-895-7873 – also provides solutions to seniors to help them resolve their legal problems, makes referrals to state and local regulatory agencies and, when it is determined that court representation is necessary, helps seniors find legal providers in their communities.

Eligible callers are scheduled for a free telephone consultation with an attorney or paralegal.

Most callers will receive answers to their legal questions during the initial telephone appointment. Clients may also qualify for referrals to providers who offer free legal services in the clients’ local communities.

Legal Services Program without Income Eligibility Requirements

Title III of the Older Americans Act makes funds available specifically for legal assistance to the elderly. Legal Services of Greater Miami is the contracted provider with the Alliance for Aging serving both Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. Eligibility for these services is based on age, not income, so elders should provide their age if they call. Priorities are established on the types of legal matters handled.

Contact information for Legal Services of Greater Miami
Miami-Dade: 305-576-0080
Monroe: 1-877-715-7464

Lawyer Referral Service

The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service and local bar association lawyer-referral services assist consumers in contacting an attorney. You can reach the statewide service toll-free at 1-800-342-8011, or you can find the number for your local bar association in your local phone directory.

Under the Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service, lawyers charge clients $25 (local bar-sponsored program charges range from $20 to $50) for the initial half-hour office consultation. The Bar has four specialty panels:

  • Low-fee
  • Elderly
  • Disability
  • AIDS

If your personal circumstances qualify you for referral to one of these specialty panels, you will receive a free initial 30-minute office consultation. After the first 30 minutes, fees are negotiable, based on the client’s ability to pay.

Elder Law Practitioners

Elder law is a recognized area of practice in Florida. Attorneys specialized in elder law are familiar with the special needs and problems facing elders and can be located in the yellow pages of the phone directory under “Attorney – Elder Law.”

“Certified” Elder Law Practitioners

Attorneys who are certified by the Florida Bar in “Elder Law” can be located on the Bar’s website at www.flabar.org. You may also call the Florida Bar at 850-561-5600 and ask for the certification staff. Certification is not required to practice elder law.

Academy of Florida Elder Law Attorneys

Elder Law attorneys may be located on the website of the Academy of Florida Elder Law Attorneys at www.afela.org. Select “Locate a Florida Elder Law Attorney” from the left side of the page and specify a city. A directory of all AFELA members for that city will be displayed, including addresses and phone numbers. You can also call the organization at 850-701-1002.