On December 5, 2023, the Alliance engaged in DOEA’s Warm Hearts Warm Homes campaign, dedicated to delivering thoughtful gift boxes tailored for the impending winter season. Over twelve enthusiastic volunteers joined forces to meticulously assemble 100 gift boxes brimming with essential items, including cozy blankets, scarves, hand warmers, nourishing food, indulgent hot chocolate, and various other winter necessities.

Collaborating with the Mildred and Claude Pepper Towers, the Alliance orchestrated the seamless distribution of these timely gift boxes to the residents. The recipients, visibly touched by the gesture, conveyed their heartfelt appreciation for the warmth and comfort extended to them during the holiday season. This collaborative effort not only exemplified the spirit of community and compassion but also showcased the meaningful impact that collective action can have in fostering a sense of care and well-being among elders during the colder months.