As part of Medicare Fraud Prevention Week, regional SHINE & Senior Medicare Patrol team members held a collaborative online webinar about Medicare Fraud. In this webinar the team members discuss:

• Medicare Fraud & Actions Everyone Can Take
• Common Scams seen in our State
• What an SMP helps with & Why it is important to Report.

Joining us are SHINE & Senior Medicare Patrol team members:

Camilita Aldridge, SHINE Liaison with Area Agency on Aging in South West FL
Amy Hagel, SHINE Liaison & Volunteer Manager with the Senior Connection Center
Kathy Sarmiento, SHINE Liaison with Alliance for Aging
Kristina Young, SHINE Outreach & Education Specialist with Elder Options.

If you are interested in learning more about these programs, you can visit:

Or call the statewide Elder Helpline 800-963-5337