We encourage you to read  all the attachments to help better educate yourself as we all do our part to reduce the potential spread of the virus.  As more information comes available, we will post it here.

1. CDC Guidance for Employers

2. COVID-19 Factsheet-English

3. COVID-19 Factsheet-Spanish

4. COVID-19 Symptoms- English

5. COVID-19 Symptoms-Spanish

6. Handwashing Poster- English

7. Handwashing Poster-Spanish

8. Handwashing Poster-English Women (for bathrooms)

9. Handwashing Poster-Spanish Women (for bathrooms)

10. COVID-19 Fighting Products (Cleaning supplies)

11. COVID-19 What to do if you are sick with COVID-19-English

12. COVID-19 What to do if you are sick with COVID-19-Spanish

13. Stop the spread of germs-English

14. Stop the spread of germs-Spanish

15 . Coronavirus Prevention Flyer (MDC)-English

16. Coronavirus Prevention Flyer (MDC)-Creole

17. Coronavirus Prevention Flyer (MDC)- Spanish